Updating python

I've read about others who want to install python 3, but that it isn't suggested as default version, so I don't want to mess around with different python versions, since I'm new to python.

Then I looked for a 2.7.3 download for Windows, but it suggested me to use a higher 2.7 version, since those include bugfixes.

Indeed, our Rackspace support team ran the installation of the new version of Python for us.

I wanted to update my python 2.6.1 to 3.x on mac but i was wondering if its possible to do it using terminal or i have to download the installer from python website?

The reason why i am asking this question is because installer is not updating my terminal python version.

This means we are stuck with Python 2.4 on RHEL, and we can’t upgrade it as many components will likely break due to specific dependance on Python 2.4.

Perhaps more details could help us lead in you the right direction?

Basically, I am parsing through a huge data set which is not possible in one execution that is why I need to save the classifier object and update it in the next execution.

Then I wanted to test a python script I wrote with python 3, and it threw me an error, because I used an unknown import.

Then I checked the python version and found out I've got Python 2.7.3 installed.

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