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There may be extended support options from EMC, but you can also opt to move your storage array to an EMC third-party support vendor that can provide maintenance and support at the same level as EMC, but at a fraction of the cost of extended support.EOSL, or "End of Service Life," means that all support, including both primary and extended support options, have ended.Use this list to find out upcoming EMC EOL dates for all your VNX2, VNX, Isilon, VNXe, CLARii ON CX4, CLARii ON CX3, CLARii ON CX, and Data Domain systems.

This study had no external funding but relied on complex record linkage analysis provided by NHS Scotland. The time-frame after the last production date depends on the product and relates to the expected product lifetime from a customer's point of view.Different lifetime examples include toys from fast food chains (weeks or months), mobile phones (3 years) and cars (10 years). For hardware with an expected lifetime of 10 years after production ends, the support includes spare parts, technical support and service.Spare-part lifetimes are price-driven due to increasing production costs: when the parts can no longer be supplied through a high-volume production site (often closed when series production ends), the cost increases.In the computing field, the concept of end-of-life has significance in the production, supportability and purchase of software and hardware products.

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