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Grid View Update Event Args) Handles Data Grid Odin.

Open() mycommand = New Sql Command("sp_Service Updt", myconnection) mycommand.

Presentation Layer (UI) Presentation layer cotains pages like or windows form where data is presented to the user or input is taken from the user. Hope this article helped you understanding 3-Tier architecture and desiging it. Updated on July 01 2008: Source Code attached Full Name: Sheo Narayan Member Level: Honorary Platinum Member Status: Administrator Member Since: 7/8/2008 PMCountry: India Regards, Sheo Narayan MVP, Author, Writer, Mentor & architecting applications since year 2001.

Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer BAL contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed. Data Access Layer (DAL) DAL contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform required action, might be returning data or manipulating data (insert, update, delete etc). Connect me on | | Hi, Nice article; Well and simply explained.

It is simple to do; create a button object, set its all properties accordingly, also add the button's click event handler and finally, add it into the control collection of the control (Container) passed as an argument.

Listing 4 is not a Command it means we have to instantiate it with a label as in Grid View's normal mode when each cell text of Grid View's rows is displayed in label.

hello sir, I hv copied your code above , I am getting error at update operation, - 'Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Select Command that does not return any key column information.'please help thanks in advancenilesh You are missing primary key in table.

I am assuming that I have to play with record of persons (First Name, Last Name, Age) and I will refer only these data through out this article. just to give you flexibility to not show scroll bar for long screens.

3-Tier architecture is a very well know buzz word in the world of software development whether it web based or desktop based. Below is the code for BAL (Your can overwrite your default written code for the class file by pasting this code). You can also navigate to another page your created (list.aspx) and try updating, deleting records.

In this article I am going to show how to design a web application based on 3-tier architecture. Code for Business Access Layer using System; using System. By using 3-Tier architecture in your project you can achive 1.

Kindly help me,where exactly i need to declare Global Class and while click on Add New Record,its throwing Error--Object reference not set to an instance of an object.please follow the below code,if any solution u get,kindly mail me in this below email id- [email protected] i will be greateful to u.

Hi Kamal Pradhan You can create Global Class in App_Code folder. Sql Client;public class Global Class You can get the screen shot using "Prt Scr" (Print Screen) key.

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