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It’s perfectly healthy to forgive, but it’s not OK to be unwise. When it comes to making up, don’t misunderstand me.For you, being smart means that after you leave the relationship you shouldn’t go back!When God gave the Israelites an exodus opportunity, they took it. If your relationship is even slightly abusive, consider this your sign to exit the relationship NOW! From that initial heartache that seems as though it will never end to constantly thinking about your ex, a tough breakup can take over your life.If you’ve just been dumped, or were the one who ended the relationship, this could be one of the toughest times of your life.Beckie Hocking, Woodbridge, Virginia I think you should try to be friends. So, since you're going to be together in heaven, shouldn't you try to live peaceably down here?Chris Mann, Tahuya, Washington You may just need time away from each other. He will understand if he really wants to be friends. Holly Williams, Raleigh, North Carolina Right now you need this time away from him to heal.

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However, breaking up, as the song goes, is hard to do!Fear not though, the Lord is always with you, guiding you through these difficult times.In order to help you find peace in your heart, here are 10 verses to help you heal your aching heart.This article isn’t meant for Bonnie and Clyde couples headed for jail.Rather, I’ll cut to the chase and zone in on those of you caught up in one of the more deceptive, yet prevalent sin in the dating world. It feels so right, and you have every excuse in the world to continue.

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