Can you restore ipod without updating

Back up in i Tunes after connecting it to your PC computer.2. In General section, press Reset option to continue. Then choose the "Erase all Contents and Settings".5. Then you will see the below promo dialogue and select Cancel option to continue the process. Bonus Part: Things to do before/after restoring i Phone First of all, know that if your i Phone is jailbroken, updating it would remove the jailbreak.Also, if your i Phone is old, it may start to work a bit slower than before.It intelligently transfers data from your device to i Phone/i Pod/i Pad Touch to the computer.Be it contacts, media files, bookmarks and many more, with this software everything is possible.However, upgrading to the latest i OS has its disadvantages.Many people complain that the i Phone battery drains very fast than expected after the updating.

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Ok so i want to restore my i Pod Touch but i dont want to upgrade it at the same time, when i press restore the only option that comes up is "restore AND update" there is no option to JUST restore.If only certain aspects of your i Pod are giving you trouble such as the applications, there are several options you can choose from when you restore your i Pod that can help you troubleshoot the issue.Follow the steps below to restore your i Pod to its factory settings or reload data onto your i Pod after a reboot.If you found our site helpful and would like to express your appreciation for our work, we do have a Pay Pal account.We would really appreciate any donations, even 99 cents would help pay for our site expenses.

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